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solo works

recent *

sonic embodiment

workshop and short essay
The Mirror Institute, Oland, Sweden. 2023
Field of Study publication. 2024

older *

live sound scoring & performance
brœk, curated by William ‘ Bilwa’ Costa
Trxxxter, Berlin. 2022

carry  - cut - salivate
performance and booklet
Aeroponic Acts: tutte rotte,  Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy. 2022
--> how to speak with somatic noise?

luminous bodies
De Coehoorn, Arnhem, The Netherlands. 2022
--> what cracks open when listening to the other-times that the flesh holds?

(non)human histories:
rock reading and remembering as strategies of telling time
APRIA: Platform for Research Interventions in the Arts. 2021
--> The Paleozoic Permian Lopingian Changhsingian age? Or the Silurian Llandovery Sheinwoodian one

Moving Matter
site-specific audiowork
Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship
Het Huis Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 2018

Bestaan in het ontstaan
auditory & multisensorial performance
Parnassos, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 2018

collaborations & residencies

recent *

Field of Study

residency and publication project
The Mirror Institute, Oland, Sweden. 2023
online ~ 2024.


dancing and reading circle
curation and organization by Denise Lim & Liza Rinkema Rapuš
Altes Finanzamt, Berlin. 2023

older *

Forum for Radical Ecology Study
MASSIA, Massiaru, Estonia. 2023

reading group and residency on ecology, magic and activism with hooops collective
Berlin, 2023.
Libken,  Gerswalde. 2023.

Dima’s Bracelet:
Songs, Prayers, Stories and Spells
DAI COOP summit, Bergamo, Italy. 2022
as part of Future Ancestors 2: Rurality and Law

withering worms wander,
wording worlding warning, weather winds wait
installation, performance
DAI COOP summit, Mallorca. 2021
as part of Climate Colonialism: Pleasuring the Radical Imagination

Into Polyphonies Unknown
Gaia’s Machine (Rhian Morris, Juriaan Achthoven, Liza Rinkema Rapuš)
artistic research project, including a symposium, publication and workshops
guided by Nirav Christophe and Henny Dorr,  HKU Professorship Performative Processes, Utrecht. 2018-21
--> how to document polyphonically?
--> how to think collectively on what it means to live in a climate crisis?

draai de bomen om
site-specific installation
by Loopwerk (Anne Leijdekkers & Liza Rinkema Rapuš)
Werkplaats Diepenheim, Diepenheim. 2021

buiten de gebaande paden kom je vele grassoorten tegen
by Loopwerk (Anne Leijdekkers & Liza Rinkema Rapuš)
site-specific audiowalk
festival de Oversteek, Nijmegen. 2019

Sensing Stone
residency project
by Gaia’s Machine in collaboration with geologist Jasper Hupkes
KAMEN residency, Orah, Bosnia. 2019

Still Moving
by Gaia’s Machine
(Juriaan Achthoven, Rhian Morris, Ferdinand Doumic, Juriaan Gregor, Liza Rinkema Rapuš)
Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Amsterdam. 2018